Initial Consult - What you should expect and why is it not free?

When you book in for a consultation at Gentle Touch Orthodontics you have an appointment with a specialist orthodontist to clinically assess your smile, bite, teeth, gums, face and profile to determine your orthodontic needs. After a thorough initial examination, Dr Balya Sriram will explain her findings and discuss what further information is needed to formulate a treatment plan. This further information is termed "records" and may involve photographs, xrays, digital scans or models. Once records are completed, Dr Balya Sriram will sit with you for a treatment discussion known as a “presentation” to explain all of your options and discuss things such as optimal treatment timing, costs, risks and benefits of treatment.

Beware of "free consultations"- in our practice a consultation and presentation is conducted by a specialist to assess your need for treatment and is one of the most important steps in the treatment process. It is our firm belief as health professionals serving the community, that our staff should not be paid a commission to boost the number of patients in a practice. The next time you see or hear an advertisement for a "free consultation" you should be highly cautious and consider questions such as: Who is conducting the free consultation? Is this person getting paid an incentive to get me into treatment? What qualifications do they have to prescribe me specialist orthodontic treatment? Will I see them again or are they just involved in "sales"? You'll find that what is presented as "free" is often at a large cost of good patient care.

During your initial consult, the most important thing is that you feel your orthodontic needs have been assessed. You should feel comfortable and confident in your specialist and their team. If you would like to have a consultation with Dr Balya Sriram please contact us.